Press Release ~ Our Book Is Published!


After an exciting year of exploration, events and learning, the Ballysally-based heritage team has celebrated the ending of its highly successful project with a range of events. The project, generously supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, was hosted by Focus on Family. The project’s aims were to explore the story of the Plantation in Coleraine.

The mayor comes along to lend his support!

The mayor comes along to lend his support!

On Monday the 24th March, Sally Cupples (one of the project members) led a fascinating trail through Coleraine, explaining to participants what Coleraine would have been like 400 years ago. Each participant was given a camera to record the parts of the trail which piqued their interest the most.

The group then took part in a thought-provoking mapping workshop at Coleraine Leisure Centre. Using the photographs they took, newspapers, maps and images from various sources, the participants built their own maps of Coleraine.

“Each map was so different and so creative,” said Jane Talbot, Project Co-ordinator. “It’s what history is all about : we each have our own take on events!”

On Tuesday 25th March, a special assembly was held at NCIC to thanks the young

There was a chance to great creative in the mapping workshop!

There was a chance to great creative in the mapping workshop!

people who were involved in the Plantation Graffiti Wall project. The graffiti wall is now being exhibited at Focus on Family.

“The young people worked really well on the art project. The wall is something they can all be proud of : they had to learn new skills to create the wall and many of the team put in a lot of extra work,” said Lorna Gough, Education Community Development Worker

On Tuesday 25th March, celebrations peaked with the launch of the project team’s book “1613 And All That! ~ A Little Book Of Plantation”. People from across the community were invited to celebrate the achievements of the project team and to take the opportunity to get their own copy of the book.

“The project team has put in a huge amount of work over the last 12 months. The

The talented graffiti artists from NCIC!

The talented graffiti artists from NCIC!

book is a fantastic legacy : we are proud of everyone who has been part of this,” said Brendan Patterson, Focus on Family’s manager.

If you’d like a copy of the book, you can get it directly from Focus on Family by calling 028 7032 9550. Keep your eyes out for the publication in local shops too! For more information about the project, check out


We launched our book!

We launched our book!


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