HLFHI_2747A very warm welcome to “1613 And All That!” ~ a project that will be running from February 2013 to January 2014 right here in Ballysally.

The project is being managed by Focus on Family and is all about exploring the exciting story of the Coleraine Plantation and the granting of the Coleraine Charter in 1613.

The 400th anniversary of the granting of the Charter (being celebrated throughout the Borough of Coleraine during 2013) presents us with a timely opportunity to look at our heritage in new ways, to explore “our story” from a range of angles and to share that story in a way that helps us not only to celebrate our connection with our heritage but also to pass “our story” on in meaningful ways.

Oh – and if you think you don’t know much about local history and heritage, now is your chance to find out! There’sĀ  more to this story than meets the eye and, if you’re curious to learn more, the Ballysally “Time Team” awaits your call šŸ™‚

400 years is a long time – and alot has happened since 1613 in Coleraine. There’s alot of digging to be done šŸ™‚

Get the full project low-down here https://1613andallthat.wordpress.com/about/

Find out how to get involved here https://1613andallthat.wordpress.com/get-involved-2/

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