We're going exploring!

We’re going exploring!

For members of the Ballysally Time Team,  an exciting year lies ahead! Kicking off with project recruitment events in March 2013 and an official project launch event on the 16th April – and culminating in delivering guided local heritage trails in early 2014 – we’ve got a busy year in front of us 🙂

The official launch marks the start of a whole series of inspiring activities which include :

1. Exploring local heritage trails with a local history expert.

2. Undertaking accredited training to help team members get the most out of all the project has to offer.

3. Visits to significant sites in both Belfast and London.

4. Researching local resources with the helpf of our friends at the Causeway Museums Service.

5. Developing design and content ideas for our book.

6. Making short films and posting blogs.

7. Getting all technical with our friends at Ulster University (they are going to help us to create a draft of our book to send to the printers).

8. Launching our book, and exhibiting our work,  to the big wide world (including Coleraine :)) (That’s right – we’ll be mostly showing off!)

9. Leading guided heritage trails and delivering information sessions about this fascinating period of history (we’ll be experts by this stage!)

HLFHI_2747You’ll find lots more useful information about our project on our Home page here

https://1613andallthat.wordpress.com/ and on our “Get Involved! ” page here

https://1613andallthat.wordpress.com/get-involved-2/ , our page about our London trip here

https://1613andallthat.wordpress.com/london/ and the page about the book we are writing and publishing here

https://1613andallthat.wordpress.com/our-book/ . Our latest project news can be found on our blog here



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